Tikka Kebab Platter

An assortment of Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka & Sheek Kebab served with salad and samosa   £4.50


Sheek Kebab

Spiced mince meat cooked in the clay oven   £4.00


Chicken Chat Puree   £3.85


Aloo Chat Puree   £3.00


Prawn Cocktail   £3.25


King Prawn Butterfly   £5.00


Prawn Puri   £4.00


King Prawn Puri   £5.00



Meat or vegetable   £2.50


Onion Bhaji   £2.80


Fish Kola

Spicy hot balls of white fish, deep fried in a very light batter, served with chutney   £5.00


Chicken or Lamb Tikka   £4.10


Goats Cheese and Mozzarella Samosa

This ever popular samosa given the Silsila treatment £3.90


Hasnath Peppers

Peppers stuffed with mildly spiced chicken, vegetable or lamb £3.80


Chicken Mamu

Chicken and potato, comes in a deep-fried bread   £3.50


Chicken Puri

Chicken in deep-fried bread   £3.50


Mushroom Ball

Mushroom and potato, comes in breadcrumbs   £3.00


Chicken Pakora   £4.00


Tangri Kebab   £2.90

100 Royal Avenue - Calcot - Reading - Berkshire - RG31 4UT