I started by reading over the brief as many times as necessary to thoroughly understand it. After understanding the brief, I’ve gone over the current filed.com website to understand the product. Once I understood what the filed company is, I then noted down some of the features I liked, sections that were complex and features that could be simplified.

The next step I took after analysing the current website was researching into some of the competitors. I attempted to analyse some of their landing pages and learned they were using different techniques to showcase their products and captivate the user’s attention with differently placed call to action buttons. My target from this was to create a user experience that focuses on big headlines, attractive illustrations and call to actions. Through trial and error I’ve picked a lighter version of the red available in the current brand to use throughout the website. However, the UI had a female audience focused UI feel rather than a successful tech company. With the blue available I have made it softer and used it throughout the website to reinforce the friendly corporate tech.

I’ve made use of heavy and catchy headlines to ensure the user’s attention is drawn directly to the unique selling point. On the top section of the website I’ve added 3 call to action buttons to maximise the lead generation potential. I’ve used the same technique at the bottom of the page to reinforce the feeling of trying the product if they made it so far down the page.

My decision of hiding the menu in a hamburger was due to the main goal of the website being selling. However, some of the more important hidden pages, which switch their focus over to informing and demonstrating, are also accessible through call to action buttons throughout the landing page.

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