kindcody Website

What is kindcody?

kindcody is an online therapy service that connects counsellors with people in need of counselling. Our platform assists our users with their client base, calendar management and helps them create new connections. Our features range from simple bookings all the way to an online counselling community which enables the growth of their session quality.

Customers are the heart of kindcody and to ensure we do not break it we thoroughly vet all of our counsellors. Our bookings are entirely private between the user and the counsellor with HIPAA compliances as well as end-to-end encryption. We believe in doing the right thing and provide an affordable service regardless of the topic of discussion.

What was my role in this project?

My role in kindcody was creating the brand, brand guidelines, website design and app design for the first phase of the business. The team had a leadership mixture of a software developer, business strategist and creative director.

After sessions of brainstorming with different word combinations, colours schemes and researching the competitors, my team and I hand picked a green pastel as a primary colour because of the representation and reputation it has in the medical industry. To emphasise the emotion of safety, the font we’ve picked for the logo makes use of softer edges and bolder letters which helps us emphasise the emotion we’re trying to showcase

What were my challenges?

One of the challenges I’ve faced whilst working with kindcody was the wide range of expectations from the team. The founders had positive yet different ideas of where the design should be heading which lead to multiple design iterations.

How I have confronted those challenges?

I was able to overcome my challenges by researching the UI trends in the medical. The trends usually had functional issues which has required me to spend time understanding an optimal user experience.

I also made sure that my team and I spend more time together discussing the issues we our design was facing facing and ways of improving it. Our approach was looking at what mistakes the competitors made and how we could avoid the same mistakes.